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What is GRIP TV?


GRIP is a 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation. GRIP TV is an acronym for Gospel Recovery Inspiration Program Television. GRIP is a faith based company founded by Warren Davis, a 28 year clean, sober and born again Christian. The company produces  two television shows aimed primarily towards active addiction and recovery from toxic substances and prevention.  We provide the voice and face of recovery and a link between  recovery ministries , programs and the recovery community at large through content on the show. 


Our prevention effort is the all inclusive Youth Drug Abuse Awareness Project (YDAAP). The project is designed to teach all youth the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse at early ages. Our prevention television show, DAAP TV, is a youth panel talk show. We distribute " A Drug Coloring Book for Kids" by author Greg T. Lawton, to children of elementary school age , develop positive anti drug public service announcements featuring youth, and have youth anti drug curriculum designed for all levels of after school, in school, church or camp presentations. 

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