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Who Is Warren Davis

Born in 1957, Warren Davis grew up in the Carroll Park and Wynnefield sections of Philadelphia. He attended Philadelphia Public Schools. Warren Davis' childhood was the usual Christian experience in those years, going to church with his Uncle  Rev. Nate King and learning about Jesus Christ at Sunday School. He gravitated toward the streets at age 13, where he became a gang member, got involved in the illicit drug trade, and other criminal activity. Warren became an alcoholic almost immediately at age 14 by drinking wine straight from the bottle with the gang members. Active addiction to substances soon followed during his teen years beginning with marijuana and moving on to stronger drugs. He drank and used drugs for the next 22 years of his life and got into trouble with the law. After years of active addiction & alcoholism, the old 

adage "sick and tired of being sick and tired" began to apply to his life. He attempted to change. After multiple 5-day detoxification stays and 30-day rehabs, homelessness & shelters, NA and AA meetings and isolation from the mainstream of life, Warren screamed out for help. Nothing seemed to work, and Warren started to lose all hope and felt he was just going to die in this disease. His life was like a snow ball rolling down hill with his problems getting bigger and bigger. He couldn't hold a job anymore, had lost his children to foster homes, was himself homeless, and was begging people for coins in the streets. He even began to think death would be better than life at this point, contemplating how to accomplish it.

Instead, he began calling on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for help as he remembered as a child. After regularly sleeping in the subway corridors and trains in Philadelphia and on the Lindenwold speedline in New Jersey, one morning he noticed three police cars in the parking lot of a restaurant in Lindenwold. He entered the restaurant in his disheveled appearance, approached the officers who were having breakfast, and told them his problem. They gave him two dollars for speedline fare and put him on the train to Atlantic City Rescue Mission. From the mission, as one last ditched attempt at the remissison of his disease, he relunctantly entered the Salvation Army Men's Center in Trenton, NJ on November 5, 1993. He stayed there and finally got his first 90 days clean while sorting clothing for the stores and attending religious services. The rolling snow ball had stopped! The Lord Jesus Christ had answered his call and his prayers!


Warren Davis Community Endeavor Resume:

Founder D.O.V.E. Drug Program (Christ Haven Pentacostal Church, Darby, Pa. )
Former Nat’l Captain of Security ( First Church of Our Lord Jesus, Phila.Pa. )
Co-Founder / Treasurer Wynnefield Community Development Corporation
Organizer Wynnefield Annual Reunion Cook-Out 2002 (Phila., Pa.)
Founder / Producer Showoff Showcases 1, 2 & 3 (youth talent showcases)
Entertainment Coordinator Darby Youth Day 2004, 2005, 2007
CEO TSOD- The Sound Of Darby ( management organization )
Former Manager - Darby R&B group “Nische`” ( Apollo Theatre - NYC )
Former Manager Em’age Records R&B / Hip-Hop Artist “SIREN” (19 yr. old)
Former Manager / Founder of Darby’s dance group “D-5” (ages 8-12)
Former Manager of dance group “3D” (age 11)
Former Organizer 600-700 Block Greenway Avenue, Darby, Pa. (block issues)
Volunteer PR / Fundraising Darby Monarchs (Pop Warner Football)
Former “Official DJ” for Darby Monarchs Football Team
Former Acc't Manager/ Director for Franchise Live TV Music Video Show
Warren Davis' YouTube Channel ( )
Producer / Director Phillyz Groove TV Show
Former cameraman/story contributor for The Trudy Haynes TV Show
Co-Organizer of 2001- 2014 Wynnefield Reunions
Former Primary Videographer for Triple OG Photo and Video
Founder / Director of G.R.I.P. TV Inc., Non Profit Corporation

Founder/Director of Youth Drug Abuse Awareness Project (Y.D.A.A.P.)

Warren became employable again soon after and retrieved his children from the foster care system after many family court hearings and denials. He was a single parent with two elementary school children, a boy and a girl. He was baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ at Christ Haven Pentacostal Church of Darby, Pa., in 1995 and received the Gift of the Holy Spirit soon after. Those children are now grown and productive citizens in society.
Warren Davis is a born again Christian and a 28 year recovered addict. Warren has a business certificate from The Old Philadelphia Company Store through Community College of Philadelphia. Warren is also a videographer/photographer and has worked as a cameraman for a couple of local television shows.

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